Welcome to Anishinabek Police Service's Website
Updated on November, 09 2008

Police Chief

On behalf of the members of the Anishinabek Police Service I am pleased to welcome you to our website. To those of you unfamiliar with the A.P.S. we provide policing services for sixteen individual First Nations that are located throughout the Province of Ontario. A detailed map of our detachment locations is contained under the Detachments tab. I encourage you to return often to our website as additional information will be continually updated which will provide you further insight into the valuable work that our members are providing to the communities we serve.

Our police service continues to look for innovative ways to maintain environments where safety of all citizens is assured. Our task is not an easy one and the successes that we have achieved were largely through effective partnerships with our political leaders and policing partners. These successes will form part of the foundation for the ultimate building of our own Anishinabek justice system.

The use of the worldwide web is a logical step in the sharing of information and identifying the direction our police service is going. I would encourage you to take a moment to review our first ever A.P.S. Business Plan and follow us along as we work toward our future.

Policing our communities is an ongoing challenge for the A.P.S. I am proud to lead such a fine group of dedicated officers and civilian support staff in the provision of policing services for our people.

Police Chief John Syrette


I would first like to acknowledge the Police Governing Authority for their support and confidence in me to serve as Chair this term.

I am a member of Curve Lake First Nation and presently serving my third consecutive term on Council and the Police Governing Authority. My education and work experience is in First Nation governance, Finance and Business and Organizational Development.

As PGA representative, member of the Discipline Committee and co-chair of the Review Sub-Committee I’ve had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of internal and external challenges we are faced with and have overcome as a growing First Nation Police Service.

Stripped to its essentials, governance is a process. As Chairperson, I will endeavor to ensure the Police Governing Authority governs with an emphasis on outward vision, encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, strategic leadership and clear distinction of Board and Administrative roles, collective decision making and focus on the future.

Let’s take a moment to reflect.

APS was founded on a vision, an idea, one of shared purpose, blended with rich cultural and traditional values and brought to fruition by the support of the founding First Nations, unified by their leaders and the membership they represented. Creation of APS was the proportional response that brought our First Nations virtue, which reaffirmed our commitment and right over the jurisdiction of law enforcement in our traditional territories.

As an original people, we must remember our creation story and teachings. They are oral reminders, timeless, of the traditional systems we once used. Symbolic to the APS is the Bear – who sits at the Northern doorway and is responsible for policing and keeper of medicines. Fittingly, the outline of the bear paw is included on the APS logo which keeps us humbly connected to our oral history and serves as a subtle reminder of our traditional responsibility to police our own territories – our way.

The legacy of APS today is one of virtue. Unified, our First Nations championed a process enabling us to operate and manoeuvre our own Police Service. Not to go unnoticed are the undue hardships, challenges and constant bureaucracy that were overcome.

Let’s now look to the future.

Now that we’ve acknowledged our legacy of yesterday, it is time to choose our legacy of tomorrow.

We are at the doorway of a new era. We must continue to pursue goals we, as the governing body established, which are to:

  1. Foster healthy, safe and strong communities;
  2. Provide a strong, healthy, effective, efficient, proud and accountable organization; and
  3. Clarify APS role and responsibilities regarding First Nation jurisdiction for law enforcement.

With unified trust, mutual respect and inclusiveness, we will prevail in the movement for positive and meaningful change.

There are no substitutes for wisdom.

Wisdom of yesterday brought us closer to jurisdiction over law enforcement and a police service we operate and manoeuvre.

Wisdom of today will allow us to drive our service, backed by legislative framework inclusive of First Nation police services and recognition that in fact, it is an essential service that is supported with the appropriate resources needed to make our Communities safer – our way, by us.

We are a professional and capable organization with a legacy to be proud of. Together, we must strive for renewed purpose and success. Embarking on this journey will bring us new challenges yet, the virtue of this is that they will be met with a proportional response for that, is the appropriate action.

Together, we’ll strive for that Aanishnaabe B’maadziwin, - “good way of life” and walk softly on Mishkiikomokwe, - our “Medicine Earth Mother.”

Jeffrey Jacobs, Chairperson