Aboriginal Policing Section

Anishinabek Police Services, Aboriginal Policing Section (formerly ISSU - Integrated Support Services Unit) offers a wide range of options for the benefit of APS Officers and communities.  The Aboriginal Policing Section provides awareness, crime preventin and community programs in a variety of formats.  This community programming is available for all communities.

Following is a list of most requested program topics:
  • Suicide Prevention (2 days).
  • Anishinabek Substance Abuse Program (2 days).
  • Cyberbullying - what adults need to know.
  • Bullying.
  • Lateral Violence.
  • What adults need to know about violence and bullying.
  • Internet Safety/and for Adults.
  • Various Wellness Topics.
  • Drug Awareness.
  • Drugs and Alcohol.
  • Prescription Drugs.
  • Improv.
  • Healthy Choices.
  • Frauds and Scams.
  • Elder Frauds and Scams.
  • Healthy Relationships.
  • 40 Developmental Assets.
  • Youth Suicide Prevention.
  • Boundaries and Respect.
  • Racing Against Drugs.
  • Safety.
Aboriginal Policing will provide workshops and presentations to communities upon request.  The workshops are fun, interactive with a variety of different formats.

Please contact:  Cheryle Hayden at 705-946-1539, ext 367 or by email: to arrange for a workshop or presentation in your community. 

There are no costs for these workshops.

We look forward to hearing from you.