Protecting the Golden Years
Updated on August, 30 2011

Anishinabek Police Service
Protecting the Golden Years Program

Because of the increase in our older population and the increase in crimes against elders in general, the Anishinabek Police Service created the “Protecting the Golden Years Program.”  Elderly people are targets of crimes ranging from physical abuse to financial exploitation because they have accumulated assets, money and land over many years.  The people behind these crimes are in many cases overwhelmed/stressed from caring for and an elderly person, bold, have exceptional technical skills, are very cunning, difficult to identify,  and most often successful.   The Protecting the Golden Years Program aims to raise the level of awareness pertaining to elder abuse and neglect, determine available resources, support and education programs that exist, and create resource material, our elders can reference, if they have been victimized.  The Anishinabek Police Service aspires to empower our elders, so they feel safe and secure in their homes and community.  Over the next few months the Protecting the Golden Years Program staff, in partnership with the Family Life Theatre, will be visiting APS member First Nations to make a presentation on elder abuse and neglect.  In the meantime, please visit our website: and fill out the questionnaire on elder abuse and neglect.  Your feedback is important and will assist us in determining what our needs are and what we can do in terms of planning and addressing this very important issue.  Any questions call (705) 946-2539 and ask for Chris.  Email: